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Dear STFers,

It’s high summer, as you can tell from the drizzle. I’m off to see an open air Shakespeare tonight, picnic in hand, so of course it will rain.

STF August 2016 social outing

There’s no formal meeting of Stranger Than Fiction in August. But if you’re missing your non-fic fix, and you’re on our mailing list, you’ll laready have had notice of our get-together next Thursday 25th August 2016, for a drink and a catch-up. Hope you can make it.

STF September 2016

We get back into our normal routine on Thursday 22nd September 2016, with a regular meeting at 7.30pm upstairs at the Wash Bar on the Mound. We’ll be discussing a sample chapter from one of our number, and we’ll also be entertained by an extract from our sell-out performance back in April at the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016 – of which more nearer the time. I will be in the chair for September, before handing over to STF co-founder Gillian Jack for the next three months.

Contributing (not financially!) to STF

Stranger Than Fiction exists for non-fiction authors to get peer feedback on their current projects. If you would like peer feedback on yours, the next two opportunities are at our meetings on Thursday 20th October 2016 and Thursday 24th November 2016. Get in touch via edinburghnonfic@gmail.com for more information, and the chair will guide you through the process. Why not commit yourself to a date and get writing? (December is another social month, so the next opportunities after those will be in 2017.)

As you may know, we’ve been working with a rotating chair, occupied by a different STFer every month. It has been argued that this creates problems of longterm continuity and overview, so we are experimenting wth a three-monthly tour of duty for each chairperson. I’ve in the hotseat July-September, and Gillian October-December. STF THEREFORE NEEDS someone to step up and take the January-March and April-June slots. It’s not an onerous job, and there is technical support for the sending of email newsletters like this one. Please consider having a go!

That’s all

Do think about submitting an extract for discussion this autumn; and about having a go at occupying the chair at meetings next year. But above all, I hope to see you next week at our social, and next month in the Wash Bar. And, as always, good luck with all your non-fiction writing.

Best wishes,



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